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If you’re looking for the terrible and magnificent wit of The Blog, click here.
If you wish to type the address into that navigational thingy up on the top of your computer screen, the address is:
If you want to try the all powerful engine of searching called The Google Machine, type in: Adam Lavigne bonsai.
You will still get results pointing you towards Adam Levine (singer from Maroon 5) or Avril Lavigne (punk pop diva from Canada).
Ignore those unless you were really looking for them initially.
If so, I do play guitar and my wife still thinks I’m the sexiest man alive.
I’m not a girl though so I can’t help you there.
But did I mention the stupefying and awesome wit and incomparable humor of the blog?
Go ahead, click here and you’ll have an interesting ride.
Do you want to live forever?