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Here at the nursery we offer repotting, styling, and general maintenance of clients bonsai. Supplies and a per hour fee ($30)  apply.
I will also visit your home for the same offerings for your collection.
The cost is $60 an hour plus travel and expenses (steak dinners, all you can eat lobster, etc…)
My cost for a demonstration or workshop for bonsai clubs and organizations is $250 plus travel/expenses. Sessions up to 6 hours. (The fee is negotiable depending on if I like you, or you provide my favorite beer. Tequila works too)
I do have many specimen trees available for demonstrations should you require one as well as workshop quantity and quality trees.
My main specialties are shohin/chuhin size trees as well deadwood carving.
I can and have used a chainsaw if so required (it makes for a captivating and suspense filled demo!)
I am familiar with temperate as well as most tropical (duh…Florida!) trees and my teaching and styling rely heavily on sound horticultural practices.
Email ( or give me a call (407)399-1224 to check for availability.

I’m not your average bonsai demonstrator. The jokes are often and exceedingly bad.


Me at a carving workshop at Wigert’s Bonsai…..seems that whenever I wear black I have a slight dandruff problem


I always know what I’m doing….except when I can’t find my concaves


I can provide for a slight musical interlude during snack time…..Rock On my friends, see you around!